• Silicon Carbide w/ Shaker

Silicon Carbide w/ Shaker

Silicon Carbide may be sprinkled on top of Durabak to increase its non-slip properties (it increases the coefficient of friction).  1 oz per 8 sq ft is a good recommendation, you can go lighter or heavier as needed. Remember the silicon carbide is black to dark grey in color, to heavy and you can change the surface color. To install the material, apply the material after the Durabak material and while the surface is still tacky to the touch ( when material is almost dry, but will stick to your fingers), but not to fluid or the silicon carbide will sink into the Durabak material.   If the material is to dry (Durabak will not stick to your fingers) the silicon carbide will not stick to the Durabak material.   Usually apply the silicon carbide between 5 to 10 minutes after applying the Durabak to the substrate.  It come is a salt and pepper like shaker so just shake what you want over the drying Durabak.  You can use a weed blower and sprinkle the silicon carbide into the intake and let is spray the material over the Durabak surface also.  it is a good way to get an even distribution of the material.  Wear safety glasses glues when applying this material.