Shipping and Returns

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Refund Policy

We will refund any unopened products within 30 days, but there is a 20% restocking charge for all returns. All orders must be shipped back in original boxes or they must be clearly identified by client returning product. Each box must have the following label attached or clearly printed on boxes, or the box may be refused by Transport Company. The label is: CONSUMER COMMIDITY and under CONSUMER COMMIDITY label the following symbol ORM-D, MUST BE PLACED INSIDE OF A CLEAR DARK Rectangle line. It is not legal to ship any opened container of Durabak. Any client trying to return a container of Durabak back for restocking which has been opened or container damaged can be fined by the Federal Transportation Agency for transportation on hazardous wastes material. New Line Safety, LLC or Cote-L is not responsible for these acts and the client committing such a crime is held dolly responsible. All materials must be in a resalable condition when arriving at the warehouse. Any charges for mislabeled boxes or fines are the clients returning the materials responsibilities.

Product Returns

Products can only be returned by asking for a call out tag on materials to be returned.  Individuals or companies are no longer allowed to ship these types of materials unless they have undergone training and have been approved to do so.  So, to return any product you need to first contact us by Phone (201-379-5366) or by email (  For either the following information is required, what is your PO #, your telephone #, the place the material can be picked up, is it a controlled pick up place, what is to be returned, is it in the original shipping boxes, have the materials been opened or is the material container been damaged.  Once we have this information, and approve the return, either FedEx or UPS will be given a pick up tag by us.  They will come inspect the shipping box, put a shipping label on the box(s), and ship the material back to our warehouse.  Once we receive the returned product, it will be inspected to make sure it can go back onto the warehouse and be sold to another client.  If it can, the cost of total shipping, and a 20% restocking fee will be totaled and subtracted from your purchase price.  Your balance will be returned to you in the way it was collected usually within 5 working days of the warehouse sends in a release of funds requests.

Shipping Policy

Orders are usually shipped within 3 business days of receiving the order if the item is in stock. If the item you requested is out of stock, we will ship it as soon as it becomes available. We cannot guarantee when an order will arrive. Transit time varies from two days in the tri-state area, three days in the north east, five days to the midwest, and six working days (eight days, including the weekend that falls in between) to the west coast. We will not ship to a P.O. Box.

Consider any shipping or transit time offered to you by New Line Safety, LLC or other parties only as an estimate. We encourage you to order in a timely fashion to avoid delays caused by shipping or product availability.

Shipping Costs

Our products are shipped in boxes which hold a maximum of 4 gallons and in some cases some accessories. For each box that is shipped, charges will range from $9.95 to $44.50 depending on the weight of the product in that box for your order.

We ship most orders by domestic ground carriers from the East Coast to the West Coast, and the rate shown in the shipping costs shows those charges per the wieght and size of the order placed and how the client want it shipped.  When the shippment is going outside the USA East, West, North or South borders (Example Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico), there will be extra charges.  Each client will be called to find out how they want the last part of their shipment to be made.  NewLineSafety will work with the client to complete the shipment.  If your order is large enough to consider truck line freight carriers that will be considered. The shipping cost numbers vary but you usually need to have an order greater than 28 gallons to make if feasible to consider truck line freight companies. Please contact us if you want your order to go by a certain freight company. If you have a shipping contract with a certain freight company you need to give us your contract number so we can include it onto the bill of lading.

We can ship any order any way. Most times we can only estimate the cost of shippers until the order is picked up if it is not a shipper that we normally ship with. Special order shipping is an estimate and must be approved by you in writing ahead of time. These kinds of orders also carry a service and handling fee needed to meet the shippers and freight company's requirements. Some carriers require additional paper work and special packaging and handling requirements. We are here to assist you in getting your projects done.