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We accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, certified bank checks or money orders. For repeating client purchases or company purchases orders, bank to bank transfers can be arranged for payment. Please contact us (

Please send company checks, certified bank checks, or money orders to:

New Line Safety, LLC, Accounting, PO Box 65845, Vancouver, WA 98665.

There is no surcharge for using your credit card to make purchases with Please be sure to provide your exact billing address and telephone number (i.e. the address and phone number your credit card bank has on file for you). Incorrect information will cause a delay in processing your order.

New Line Safety, LLC does not send out PO by collect receipts (COD).


New Line Safety, LLC is based in NJ. We are only required to charge tax to instate items. When orders are shipped out of state, the customer is responsible for paying the tax in their own state. If the product required is for a tax-exempt job, tax will not be charged if proof is shown.

If you would like an order of Durabak to be shipped to Louisiana, Colorado, or Texas, the following conditions must be met: The item must be slated for use by: the federal, state, or municipal government; contractors in association with the aforementioned governments; hospitals; civil servant departments; corporate, store, religious, or educational chains; partial or entirely publicly funded institutions; the military or the coast guard; or for public property purposes. While we may not require any documentation, the buyer, in confirming his order, does verify that the product will be used according to the preceding.

Expressed Limited 30 Day Warranty

This warranty provided to ____________(owners) by NewLineSafety, LLC. is a 30 day warranty. We assign all the manufacturer's product warranty to the ___________(purchased owners). The liability of NewLineSafety, LLC. shall be limited to possible replacement of product proven defective by purchased owner. NewLineSafety, LLC. accepts NO LIABILITY for any claims made by Manufacturer's Representatives, any written Manufacturer's data sheet, expressed or implied Manufacturer's warranties, or any information supplied to NewLineSafety, LLC. by Manufacturer's Representatives and transferred to Owner by NewLineSafety, LLC.

This expressed limited 30 day warranty shall extend for a period of 30 days from date of purchase and only covers conditions caused by manufacturer's product defects. This expressed limited 30 day warranty shall not extend to any items such as delamination, adhesion defects, or deterioration caused by lack of a suitable vapor barrier, cracking, or other deterioration of the surface caused or contributed to by structural faults, owner negligence, improper maintenance, acts of God, chemical contamination, vandalism, excessive mechanical abuse, rebar blooming, excessive traffic patterns or any other cause except manufacturer's product defects. Incidental or consequential damages, body injury, human death, automobile damage, building damage resulting from the use of these products or arising out of any breach of this expressed limited 30 day warranty are excluded from this express limited 30 day warranty.

Conditions, Limitations, and Exclusions of the Expressed 30 Day Limited Warranty

1. This expressed limited 30 day warranty is valid only if:
a) Information provided to NLS concerning the Owners (Structure or job site) is accurate and complete.
b) Use of the Structure has not changed from the Completion Date, unless Owner has received written approval from NLS prior to such change in use.
c) Notice of failure of the Manufacturer's materials is given to NLS in writing ten (10) days after discovery of the failure by Owner. After providing such notice, Owner shall allow NLS or its representative free access to the Structure or job site for inspection and testing, or samples of supposed defective material is supplied to NLS by Owner with digital picture of site location before and after installation. If notice is not given within such ten (10) day period, any claim for breach of this expressed limited 30 day warranty shall be conclusively deemed to have been waived, and NLS shall have NO LIABILITY under this expressed limited 30 day warranty.

2. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this expressed limited 30 day warranty, this expressed limited 30 day warranty shall not become effective until NLS has been paid in full for all materials used to complete this project.

3. This expressed limited 30 day warranty is transferable only with NLS's prior written consent. Any attempt to transfer or assign this expressed limited 30 day warranty without NLS's prior written consent shall render the warranty null and void.

4. This expressed limited 30 say warranty is predicated on a 10 day inspection and maintenance of any abnormal conditions on the applied surface. This inspection is to be scheduled by the owner. Failure to do so will be deemed as a breach of this expressed limited 30 day warranty and shall relieve NLS from any further liability under this expressed limited 30 day warranty. NLS billing rate for this inspection is $250/inspection.

5. Any condition found during the inspection that can have a negative affect on the life and use ability of the Manufacturer's products will be repaired within 30 days. If condition is not repaired within such thirty (30) day period, any claim for breach of this Warranty shall be conclusively deemed to have been waived, and NLS shall have NO LIABILITY under this limited warranty.


Expressed Limited 30 day Warranty Period:

Proof of defect in the Manufacturer's materials shall be forwarded in writing by the owner to NLS within the expressed limited 30 day warranty period. The sole remedy shall be possible replacement of proven defective material within the affected area based on the warranty terms. In the event of a claim during the expressed limited 30 days warranty period, purchaser shall provide NLS with written notice of the claim within ten (10) days after discovery of the alleged defect and shall demonstrate in such written notice that the failure of the material was due to a breach of the expressed 30 day warranty stated herein. NLS or its duly authorized representative must be given reasonable opportunity to inspect and test the treated surface claimed to be defective. If justified, NLS will furnish product to correct the defect in a reasonable time period.

NLS will refund any unopened resalable products within 30 days, but there is a 15% restocking charge for all returns.


This NLS's expressed limited 30 day warranty, which is given expressly and in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, constitutes the only warranty made by the marketing agent.