Joint Repairs

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Durabak and Durabak 18 can be used for water intrusion and joint repair issues.

Here are the 3 easy steps to solving your water intrusion issue!

  1. Cut cotton/fiberglass fleece to fit the area where there is a water intrusion problem.
  2. Dip the fleece into the Durabak product, then take a brush and apply some Durabak to the area and lay the wet fleece onto the area.
  3. Take your brush and smooth out the edges of the fleece.

After you finish the above listed steps, you can allow the product time to set up and dry, and that should be the end to your water intrusion problem! 

Both of these products will coat almost any surface that has been prepped correctly, and will not fail. Even better, when some of the projects using Durabak and Durabak 18 have been poorly installed, we have been able to assist the installer with repairing the mistakes 100% of the time! These products have been used to seal pipe penetrations in all kinds of walls and floors. They have also been used to restore, repair, and seal all kinds of equipment, wall joints, commercial air cooler tank issues, and install all color safety walkways, fork truck drive lines, and industrial safety area zones. Many floors, walkways, stairs, and industrial primary and secondary containment concrete have crack issues. With a little cotton/fiberglass fleece and a Durabak product, these materials have been able to seal up these kinds of issues. Durabak 18, if used to seal up a concrete leak, or joint issue needs about 25 minutes to set up to prevent rain water from washing the product away. Given that time, Durabak 18 is one of the best water sealants in today's market.

Both the Durabak and Durabak 18 will seal already cracked concrete. After sealing them with a Durabak product and cotton/fiberglass fleece, we have seen concrete slabs with working joints that have stayed sealed after 15 or even 20 years!