History of DurabakStore and NewLineSafety

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My love for Durabak products began in 1989 when I was a contractor working out of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and I came upon the Durabak products. I began using them and realized that they were better than any other urethane product I had used before, and I wanted to share them with other people!

Before I had come across this wonder-product, I used many other products that were similar to Durabak, but each one failed to meet my needs of durability, and cost effectiveness.

I became a distributor in 1990 and later formed NewLineSafety, LLC and in 2004, set up the DurabakStore for the distribution of Cote-L Industries' Durabak line of products.

My goals were to provide excellent technical support, easy access to direct warehouse ordering, and the lowest advertised prices by an official Cote-L distributor. NewLineSafety, LLC has emerged as the premier distributor of Durabak and Cote-L Industries’ products because of our support of contractors and individuals wanting a better non-slip coating for their projects big or small. NewLineSafety has been able to support our clients for over 15 years because of our on the job training and use of the Cote-L Durabak materials for many years on a wide variety of projects. Give us a call for a free consultation regarding your use of the Durabak product line on your project!

You can contact us at (201) 379-5366 or by email at for direct help with project applications. Be sure to look at our FAQ list for tips on how to have a successful project application.