Commercial Floors

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The following images show the transformation of a restaurant floor done with Durabak 18. The first picture is the "before" shot. The floor was very rough, and we actually ended up stripping the floor and rebuilding the concrete using polymer concrete, and then we coated it using Durabak 18. The second picture shows our progress. The third picture shows the floor after we finished our applications. The final photo shows the end result. This floor has had great improvements in appearance, durability, and safety since the application of Durabak.

This use of Durabak is great because restaurant floors get very slick when water and grease get on them, and Durabak can help minimize the hazard of slipping.


After the floor was prepped and restored, a coat of Brick Red smooth Durabak was applied for the sealer coat. Since this coat was installed at the end of the first day of prep, we installed the indoor Durabak material to save material cost on the project. We could do this because the floor had a solid 8 hours to dry and cure before the tape and top coat was to be installed. 

Then 1.5" carpenter tape was installed in a square pattern. We then installed a working coat of Durabak 18 non-slip in Orange.We used spike shoes and walked on this coat to remove the tape before the Durabak 18 coat could dry.It made a very good non slip floor that has been installed for 15 years now, and still looks good!

We have done 1,000,000+ square feet of commercial floor installs. A few big brand names that we have done are: Fred Meyer, Costco, Safeway, Ace Hardware, and some walkways around Portland, Oregon. 

Durabak 18 has been used to repair, restore, and seal many large commercial water cooler towers, sewage plant walkways and tanks, and elevator pits. It has also been used on well over a million square feet of fork truck loading docks as a non-slip safety floor.

Durabak and Durabak 18 also make very good positive side concrete water barriers as seen here on a few buildings sealed from the outside to prevent water intrusion.

The first picture is of a home that had major issues with the concrete stem wall leaking into the basement of the building. Here we used a water based polymer concrete and skedded the walls to rebuild it and to put some structural strength back into the walls. Then it was coated with 1 coat at 12 wet mils of Durabak smooth. A second coat of Durabak 18 smooth was added to it the next morning before the wall was covered back in with the dirt we originally removed to get access to the wall.


The following photos show the floor of a store, before and after we applied Durabak 18. We used non-slip grey Durabak 18 to coat this particular floor. The client was having major slip and fall issues with keeping the floor clean and free of hazardous materials. There were zero slip and falls for a 3 year period of testing after the Durabak 18 was installed. After the testing, the client had Durabak 18 installed in 14 other stores in the same area. In 10 years of testing the Durabak 18 non-slip there were no slip and falls on record!

Durabak products have also been used in hospital; surgical rooms to create a great non-slip environment. Below are a few photos of the floor of a surgical room before and after we re-did it using Durabak 18. 



If any of the Durabak product line seems like the product you need to get the job done right, give us a call!! We look forward to working with you!