DuraFlakes 1 oz/count

DuraFlakes (DURAZZO) is a state-of-the-art finish designed to provide an exceptionally smooth, colorful and long lasting finish.  The material is sold by the oz.  The flakes are very light.  You do not want to cover the Duabak 18 with flakes, just dust it for a great addition of color or self expression.

Coverage rate for DuraFlakes

1/2 ounce per sq ft is recommended. (a minimum of 3 colors is recommended) an order of 10 would mean we ship you 10 oz of flakes of your color choice.  This would be enough to cover roughly 20 sq ft.  If you use one color and do not get an even distribution of the flakes, your eye will pick up on it very quickly.  Put 3 or four colors together and the same error of distribution will not be as easily seen. Apply Durabak 18 smooth or non slip; Wait till the Durabak 18 is tacky and apply flakes.  Apply the flakes too soon and they will sink into the Durabak 18.  Apply the flakes too late and the flakes will not stick to the surface. When Durabak 18 is dry, vacuum the surface, and it is recommended to apply a clear coat of Durabak 18 smooth over the flakes.  Apply the Durabak 18 clear smooth at 1 gallon over 160 sq feet, or a quart at 40 square feet.  At this rate of application of the clear, you will maintain some of your non slip and the flakes will add to the non slip.   You can use a weed blower to apply the flakes;  Just sprinkle the flakes into the intake and spray the flakes over the Durabak surface;  it is a good way to get an even distribution of the flakes over the Durabak 18 material. You may want to order a few extra oz of flakes and practice this kind of distribution before applying to your project. Wear safety glasses when applying this material.