Which Durabak is Right for Me?

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Durabak is a flexible, one part, non-slip, protective, chemically cross linked polyurethane coating with potentially unlimited uses. Durabak also serves as a surface protector, a safety coating, and is an aesthetic finish to your project. Durabak is a user friendly urethane based material: just open the can, stir well, and apply to a prepared surface. Durabak is renowned for its reliability and durability. Thousands of professionals stand by Durabak as their choice coating for almost any job.

Durabak is available in four varieties:

The original. Flexible, easy to apply, easy to repair, non-slip, water resistant, and durable. Color is non UV protected. If you have a slip and fall issue, use Durabak non slip materials as your solution.
Durabak 18 
Same quality as Durabak but with UV resistance - perfect for outdoor primary & secondary containment, air ex-changer reservoir, truck loading docks, bus seating and roof walking area, pleasure/commercial boat decks, equipment ascend/egress, commercial floor slip and fall solutions, water intrusion issues, and applications. 
Durabak M26
High flashpoint testing qualifies Durabak M26 suitable for military use. The non-slip version is approved by the US Navy (QPL #MIL-PRF 32171B).
Durabak 18 M26
The high flashpoint rating of Durabak M26 combined with the UV resistance of Durabak 18. Designed for rugged military applications with lots of sunlight.

Each variety of Durabak is available in non-slip, and most colors are available in smooth. You can choose between 16 colors, but Durabak can be tinted in your local paint shop (call us for the type of tint to use), mixed with other Durabak same type materials colors to attain a desired color, or we can manufacture custom colors to large orders (minimum 300 gallons).

Durabak will bond to almost any surface with proper surface preparation, and will not crack, flake or peel because of its extreme flexibility. Durabak also bonds to itself, making repairs easy and painless. Durabak can be used for expansion joints to a point.

Here at DurabakStore, we strive to make the process of choosing and buying Durabak as easy as possible. Our knowledgeable representatives are also available to answer any questions about the products and help with individual needs. ( Tel # 201-379-5366 or by email at

Durabak Uses Include...

  • Wood Decks
  • Boats & Ships
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Airport Hangars
  • Helicopter Pads
  • Factories
  • Warehouse
  • ...and much more!